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Not too cold!” were the words of cadets, employees and officers of CFOT, who participated in the recent Santa Shuffle.  Minus 5 degrees Celsius and some wind was “not too cold,” especially for Winnipeg, to support The Salvation Army in its efforts to raise funds during the Christmas season.  Within the group, were a few runners who signed up to shuffle the designated 5 kms, and a few ‘Elves’ who participated in the 1 km designated walk. Santa made an appearance along the route, with cheerleaders to encourage the runners in their efforts, as each dashed towards the finish line.  On a ‘not too cold’ of a morning, runners and walkers were welcomed into a warming area to enjoy refreshments of hot chocolate and chili which were distributed through The Salvation Army’s Emergency vehicle.

To complete the morning, breakfast at a local Smitty’s restaurant created an atmosphere to tell and re-tell stories of the morning. Opportunities to laugh at and to laugh with, friends who faced the ‘not too cold’ morning in Winnipeg.

In  Winnipeg  380 participants supported the Annual Santa Shuffle a fund-raising partnership that has been developed across Canada with The Running Room and The Salvation Army.  In Winipeg the 2011 Santa Shuffle raised $11,000 for The Salvation Army to support programmes and ministries which run throughout the year.

CFOT participants this year were – June Bobolo, Kim Chan, Kelly Fifield, Monika Gillard, Ruth Hickman, Laura Hickman, David Hickman, Bethany Howard, Jenn Ivany, Susan Smiel, Laura Van Schaick, Major Ann Braund, Major Jamie Braund, Major Margaret McLeod and Major Shona Pike.

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