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The world has been captivated by Egypt in recent weeks, but it isn’t the majesty of their pyramids or the beauty of their hieroglyphics that has our attention these days.  It is the significant political unrest that has many people on the edge of their seats.   As you dig into the unfolding story of protests for freedom and democracy, and of poverty and discrimination, you also see that there are significant religious ramifications for Muslims and Christian living in Egypt as well. 

Some of the recent events in Egypt which have fired religious tensions include:

  • An attack on a Christian church (January 1st) in Alexandria killing 21 people. 
  • Attacks on a number of Muslim mosques.
  • Click here for a Sun Times article,   or here for a CNN news report with more information.

In light of President Mubarak’s resignation, some are worried that if a more fundamental Muslim government is elected into power that it could spell disaster for the Christian community.  Note worthy fact:  Egypt has the largest Christian community in the Middle East with approximately 10% being Christians.     

Others are more optimistic and see this crisis as an opportunity for positive change, politically and spiritually, for both Muslims and Christians.  We saw a glimpse of this possibility during recent demonstrations when both Christian and Muslim Egyptians joined together in solidarity.

What are your thoughts?

What do you think this means for Muslims and Christians in Egypt? 

Regardless of our perspectives, we need to pray for God’s presence, grace, and wisdom to be with those who bring about the new government in Egypt.   

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