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Cadet Shawna Goulding (Disciples of the Cross session) was assigned to Bermuda for her Winter Assignment. She shares her experience with us.

As would be suspected, many comments were made to allude to the fact that my “winter assignment” would by no means be a sacrifice, especially when comparing to colleagues that were assigned to places like the Yukon!  Aside from the promises of a warm, sunny break from the winter weather of Winnipeg, I anxiously looked forward to the ministry opportunities that awaited me in the country of Bermuda.  I knew I was in for more than my share of blessings when I looked at my schedule and saw that I would be involved in sharing in: daily ministry of the four corps on The Island, Sunday morning services of two of those corps, Hospital visits, chapel services at a Seniors’ home, multiple community feeding programs, preparing for hamper distribution and participating in the Island-wide distribution day, caroling, kettles, youth events, a day at The Harbour Light, meeting with corporate partners of The Army, etc.

If asked, I would not be able to share ‘one’ specific highlight of my time in Bermuda.  It was a joy to work alongside many people that shared the same passion, to bring the Good News of Christmas … that Christ was born to set all people free.

I was often overwhelmed by the ‘welcome’ that I felt as I walked into a new ministry setting each day, words cannot describe how grateful I am for the people of Bermuda that accepted me and allowed me to gain experiences and learning that will last a lifetime.  In my reflection, I am filled with thankfulness for the group of officers that took time out of their busy schedules and allowed me to be a part of their ‘world’, for their encouragement, honesty and support.

It was good to bask in the ‘Sonshine’ …