Cadet Cathy Shears | God opened my heart

Cathy ShearsThe Salvation Army Training College has given me the opportunity to do this term’s field practicum at Heritage Park Temple. Through this field practicum I had the opportunity to walk through the transition period as the church moved from their own facility into a different denomination’s church while their church is undergoing renovations. Not only did the congregation have to get use to worshipping in another building but they had to change their time of worship from mornings to afternoons. I could see the love of Christ in this congregation as they came together to make this transition period a smooth one.  Not only on Sundays but also during the week, the love of God was shown by the two congregations as they worked together to make the way possible for the church to continue their regular programs. It was so touching to me to see God bringing people together, to help each other during a crisis. Also I was given the opportunity to work with the seniors at Heritage Park Temple, through visitation and helping with their senior Christmas dinner. This was very important for my training because I had no previous experience working with seniors. God opened my heart and helped me see how important seniors really are to our ministry.