Cadet Crystal Porter | CFOT Christmas Service & Fellowship

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Children entering chapelPerhaps it was the band playing Christmas tunes, or the children dressed in Christmas costumes, or maybe even the smell of the delicious turkey dinner, but joy filled the College as we gathered together for our family Christmas service and dinner.

With the help of the band, we sang Christmas carols to begin our time of worship together. Major Ann Braund, Director of Spiritual Formation at CFOT, led us in our Advent reading, while Major Margaret McLeod, Director of Academic Studies, led us in a responsive reading.

Just as the Principal, Major Jamie Braund was preparing to read scripture, he realized one key detail that needed attention- he couldn’t read without his glasses and they were nowhere to be found! After retracing his steps, looking at the details, and with the help of Silas, Major Jamie was able to locate his glasses and continue with the reading of Matthew 1. This was, of course, a staged element planned into the worship time.

The children prepared for their parts as we raised our voices to proclaim in song, “Joy to the World the Lord has come!” Like many Christmas services, the children added a beautiful balance to the mix. Dressed as biblical characters, they recounted Scriptural timelines of their place in the family of Jesus. Hearing from Jacob to Mary (and many others) we heard the stories which made Jesus’ family tree.Children on stage

The services all came together as Major Brenda Allen, Training Officer, presented her devotion based on Matthew 1. It was an amazing reminder of the family tree of Jesus and our adoption into his family. As we concluded the service we all took a few moments to place our names on the Christmas tree, and then formed a circle around the chapel and joined in a collective prayer.

Following a beautiful Family Service, we all gathered for a delicious turkey dinner with all the trimmings! But no Family Christmas dinner would be complete without a special visit from Grandma and Grandpa. After playing a game with the kids and passing out some Christmas presents, Grandma and Grandpa left and we all knew it was time to depart. Major Jamie and Major Ann ended our Grandma and Grandpatime together with a song and prayer, sending us out to our Winter Assignments.

Our Christmas Service and Dinner was a wonderful time of fellowship as we gathered with our CFOT family celebrating the birth of Jesus. This Christmas season may you always remember the one important detail- you too are a part of God’s family tree.