Cadet Crystal Porter | Dignity and renewal in Portage la Prairie

Crystal PorterThe beautiful prairie sky welcomes me each Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday as I leave Winnipeg and head to Portage la Prairie. Sometimes the drive is quiet and reflective, and other times I am surrounded with the laughter and discussion of fellow cadets. In either circumstance, it is a wonderful hour of fellowship which reflects the ministry opportunities to come.

My time at Portage has been rewarding and filled with many blessings as I have been given the opportunity to walk with people in the different stages of their lives. Although I normally know what my schedule will look like upon arrival, I am never quite prepared for the learning which occurs. Each week at Community and Family Services, I am stretched as I sit and talk with people from different walks of life facing different struggles. I see God through them. I see life being renewed and dignity being restored.

Last year, our session, Disciples of the Cross, had the opportunity to see the movie Les Miserables. In the final song the words are sung “to love another person is to see the face of God.” As I journey to Portage each week, I wonder how I will see God that day and in return, I offer a prayer that through me people will see that same face of God.