Cadet Daniel Rowe | Gifts for God’s Glory

Daniel RoweMy field practicum was matched to me perfectly. Living Hope Community Church has been an amazing place to call home this year. Since this church is within the Barbara Mitchell Family Resource Centre, it opens so many doors to new ministries, ministries, that I hope, Living Hope Community Church will take hold of. I believe that this church has been called by God to meet the needs of the community they are in and I pray that the church, as a whole, will be open to the movement of the Holy Spirit as they endeavour on this new ministry focus. The people of Living Hope Community Church and The Barbara Mitchell Family Resource Centre are very unique people, but a very spiritual and “good” people. We all bring our own gifts to the table and God will use them for His glory. Partaking in worship on Sunday mornings, helping around the office during the week, and even doing kettle pick-ups and counting the money has all been a learning experience; an experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. We are all called to be servants of the community, but ultimately, to be servants of Christ. As Living Hope Community Church goes forward, I hope that they won’t lose the focus of servant hood as they bring the Word to their community.