Cadet Juan Chirinos | Love without conditions

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Juan ChirinosAs I began to participate in the different ministries of The Salvation Army through CFOT, I have a lot to be thankful for within my field practicum. Through these experiences I have gained a better understanding of my ministry. All these opportunities have helped me to understand the challenges that our society is presently facing. These field involvements have also shown me my part as a minister in the plan of salvation in our 21st century. The field practicum has given me an unforgettable experience in which I have seen God’s hands teaching me to love without conditions, to extend a helping hand even if that occasion was the first and last time that I would see that person. It is amazing to hear that inner voice of the Holy Spirit guiding me throughout the practical ministry. These opportunities have helped me not only to know more who God is, but also to experience Him in my daily life. I thank God for how my calling as an officer has been confirmed again and again in my experience of ministry.  I think that my life as an officer should reflect Christ in all I do and as a consequence we are an army united in the spirit and we can reach our goal as an organization.