Cadet Ryan MacDonald | Being who God has called me to be

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Ryan MacDonaldI must say, time sure does fly by when you are having fun. I have spent my field practicum at Heritage Park Temple. This been a fantastic experience so far. To see the operations of an Officer of the 21st century has been quite an eye opener for me. Spending time with Majors Owen and Sandra Budden has proved to be a beneficial look behind the curtains, regarding the responsibilities of a Salvation Army Officer.

Up to this point I have spent much time doing the number one job of an Officer, which is to walk alongside your people. Walking with certain people through death, new life, addictions, and life accomplishments has had a dramatic impact upon my training. From helping the youth and visiting seniors, I have had the opportunity to find myself in various training environments which will shape me into a better Salvation Army Officer.

Overall, my training has proved to be an intense process where I have learned much. Yes, it has been tough at times, to see people entangled in the chains of sin is never easy to comprehend. I know that throughout this endeavour, God is supplying me with more tools which will enable me to be who God has called me to be. I look forward to continuing my training at Heritage Park Temple, and to also see what types of spiritual battles God is preparing me for.