Cadets Crystal and Norman Porter | Winter Assignment | Dartmouth Community Church

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norm and crystalIt seems as though Christmas and music automatically complement each other.  So, in preparation for our Christmas assignment, it was natural to immerse myself in beautiful carols to get myself in the Christmas spirit. This became daily moments when I was able to connect with God and remind myself of the true Christmas story.  It was through these little moments spending with God, I came to a newer carol which became an anthem  for my winter assignment:

Wish that I was there
On that Starry Night
When your tiny heart started beating for mine
Noel, Noel, Jesus is alive
Emmanuel, hope is here tonight

Christmas in the Maritimes has been an amazing experience. Norm and I had the unique opportunity to work with Dartmouth Community Church and the Halifax Centre of Hope. It has been filled with blessings as we were given the opportunity to share the message of hope this Christmas with many different people. Our prayer reflected the beautiful lyrics I shared earlier, that we were to go and tell the world that hope is here- for Jesus is alive and it was for everyone.

This hope is what we cherish, and it was what we wanted to share with those we encountered. We have experienced God this Christmas Season in breathtaking ways. Through the distribution of toys and hampers at the Corps, the chapel services at the Centre or the regular day to day Christmas activities, we have come to see God in practical, life giving ways. And although I am amazed at the generosity of people, one of the most valuable ‘God Moments’ has come from listening to people’s stories.  To help a family receive a turkey, might seem unimportant, and yet it becomes a gift of hope for the struggling father just let go from his job.  To provide gifts for Christmas morning, may seem natural and expected, and yet it becomes a gift of hope for the family who simply couldn’t make ends meet. To offer a devotion, a prayer and carol sing, can sometimes seem predictable and repetitious and yet it becomes a gift of hope as someone finally realizes that God entered this world, simply for them.

While visions of Kettles, toys, and turkeys may dance in my head for the next month or so, the hugs of grateful people, the sighs of relief from fearful parents, and the joyful singing of those realizing God is with them, can never be erased.

This Christmas may we be reminded that the baby in the manger has turn darkness into light, sorrow into joy, and sadness into dancing. This baby in the manger changes everything.