Cadets Receive Winter Placements

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Every year, cadets are given winter placements across the Canada and Bermuda Territory. The purpose of this placement is to provide opportunities for cadets to engage in ministry in the local Corps (Church) context. We solicit your prayers for them as they prepare for this unique ministry time.

The following winter placements were released for 2015.

Newfoundland and Labrador Division
Cadets Chad and Lisa Cole – Labrador City / Wabush Corps
Cadets Stefan and Tinisha Reid – Park Street Corps, Windsor
Cadets David and Tabea Cole – New Hope Community Church, St. John’s
Cadet Violet Hopkins – Lewisporte Corps

Maritime Division
Cadets Curtis and Erin Metcalf – Moncton Citadel Community Church, NB
Cadet Johnny Valencia – Summerside Corps, PE
Cadet Wavie Webster – Sackville/Centre of Hope, NS

Ontario Central East Division
Cadets David and Renée McFadden – Orillia Corps
Cadet Cathy Esdaille – Rideau Heights, Kingston

Ontario Great Lakes Division
Cadet Sabrina Silvey – Brantford Community Church
Cadets Daniel and Courtney Kelly – Niagara Orchard Community Church
Cadet Kam Robinson – Suncoast Citadel, Goderich
Cadet Rob Henson – Simcoe Community Church
Cadets Alex and Rhonda MacDonald – Guelph Corps
Cadet Kaitlin Adlam – Stratford Community Church

Prairie Division
Cadet Kath Walker – Brandon Corps, MB
Cadet Shelley Oseil – Prince Albert Community Church, SK
Cadets Matthew and Whitney Reid – Moose Jaw Corps, SK
Cadet Brad Webster – Heritage Park Temple, MB
Cadet Alfred Esdaille – Heritage Park Temple, MB
Cadets Dwayne and Susan Goulding – Weetamah Corps, MB
Cadet Jennifer Henson – Winnipeg circuit ministries
Cadets Joe and Donna Ludlow – Winnipeg circuit ministries
Cadet Carolina Valencia – Winnipeg circuit ministries
Cadet Keith Hopkins – Winnipeg circuit ministries
Cadet Ian Robinson – Winnipeg circuit ministries

Alberta and Northern Territories Division
Cadets Geoff and Dawn Butt – Foothills Church and Community Services, AB
Cadets Scott and Cathy Allen – Red Deer Church and Community and Family Services, AB