We give God praise! | Major Glenys Pilgrim

Calgary weekend

Cadets Shawna Goulding and Stephanie Sawchuk, along with Majors Dale and Glenys Pilgrim, spent an enriching weekend (March 14 – 16th) at Calgary Glenmore Temple engaging in congregational ministry. On Friday evening quality time was spent with the youth of the Corps (a big thanks to Alicia McLeod) testing our ability to trust each other and God and competing in ‘a minute to win it’! Who knew the quarter could be parked between the prongs of a dinner fork!

On Saturday we were privileged to attend the Celebration of Life service for Lieut.-Col. Ken Holbrook where tribute was paid to a Salvation Army officer who had spent more than 40 years in a variety of ministries serving His Lord faithfully. Major Dale and Cadet Shawna were pleased to join the GT Band in meaningful ministry at the service.

On Sunday morning the Cadets and Staff participated in worship with lively singing, children’s ministry, testimony and sermon (Major Dale). God’s Spirit ministered as seeking hearts responded to the challenge to remember we are ‘living stones’, bringing the message of Jesus into our individual worlds. Stones were available as a reminder of whose we are and as an indicator of our personal commitment on this day!

We returned to CFOT on Sunday evening, grateful for opportunities to minister, for teachable moments, for the privilege of seeing God at work through the leadership of Calgary Glenmore Temple (Majors John & Donna Goulding)! We give God praise!