Start Small While Thinking Big | Cadet Juan Chirinos

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preaching1Every single year The Salvation Army raises up its prayers, voices and services throughout the world in order to establish a social system of justice and dignity. This year with the theme “Social Justice” Cadet Indira Albert and myself, Cadet Juan Chirinos had the opportunity to be the guess speaker for the Quebec division in their Winter Youth Retreat. During this time we had the blessing to share the word of God in French and English, it is pretty neat that God has equipped us in these two languages to be ambassadors of his word. The retreat gathered more than 50 young people all of whom want to make a difference in their community.

The Prophet Micah, on God’s behalf tells us what the Lord requires from us “Practice Justice, Love, Mercy, and walk humble with our God” this was our main focus during the weekend. When we look at how perverted and needy our communities have become today, we wonder; what does it take to see a change? Who can make a change in favour of righteousness and justice today? 1 Timothy 4:12 gives us encouragement when speaking to the youth when he says: “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” I think that sometimes we feel like a minority when we see how corrupted our world has become, therefore it seems impossible to make a change in our society.

We believe however, that when we see the weary and the hurting we all can practice justice, everybody can love mercy when they see the weak and the broken. If we all can walk humbly before our God transforming what was hopeless into victory we could hear our voices declaring, “let justice roll.”

“Start small while thinking big”
We praise and give honour to God because as we spent this time with the Quebec division we were able to encourage, inspire and learn that it is possible that we can help to restore a social justice system, we just need to “Start small while thinking big.”
Special thanks to: Lts. Matt and Rachel Sheils, Majors Anne and Brian Venables, Captains Sonia and Andy Albert, for their life and dedication to ministry.