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The Sunday afternoon sending out service was filled with an excitement from start to finish, from the entry of The Salvation Army leaders, Training College staff and cadets, to the final minutes of the Founder’s Song, “O Boundless Salvation”.

There was a marvellous presence of the Holy Spirit throughout the entire service. An energy that can only come from God’s wondrous love. A new enthusiasm for all people to be true disciples of the cross, to go out and preach the good news, reverberated in the hearts of gathered Salvationists and friends. Commissioner Silvia Cox, World President of Women’s Ministries, challenged us all to spread God’s love. It was a time of absolute surrender to God’s will. The arena was filled with prayer, people raising hands to the Lord, kneeling at the cross, giving their whole lives over to God.

Special emphasis was made regarding the upcoming Boundless Congress 2015 in England. Colonel Mark Tillsley, Chief Secretary for the Canada and Bermuda Territory, celebrated with General Andre Cox, in the waving of The Salvation Army and Boundless flags at the end of the service.

The service was yet another reminder that we are all one in the Spirit.

Sending out