Welcome Weekend Reflection | Cadet Daniel Kelly

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Daniel Kelly newWelcome Weekend. Well, where to start? What an overwhelming experience. It never hit me until they were just about to call our names to march down the aisle. All these years of watching Welcome Meetings and finally, it was me. The Lord reassured that yes, this is His timing and not mine. I had tried to stop a few times throughout the busyness and take it all in, and I could feel my spirit just wanting to burst with excitement. Lining up to start our march toward the front I had to take a quick breath and pause. Looking toward the stage, knowing that I’m really doing this, made me stop and say “Wow”. God is an amazing God. He is so good. In that moment with God I knew that this is where I am supposed to be. Stopping and listening to Him, even for those few seconds (which felt like hours), with Him saying “You’re here” was a surreal experience. This reassured my call, making me feel so overwhelmed with His calming presence. It also brought a sense of peace in my life, knowing that this is where God wants me. Being in the right place dispelled wanting anything else in the world. The Lord didn’t stop there, he continued to challenge me throughout the service “Come on Daniel, I’ve brought you this far, I wont let you down”. Which is very reassuring for me, knowing the challenges over the next 22 months that come with College and training, He still is in control and will not let me down. As hard as it is to accept that it is all His now, I know it is the right thing. He still told me to buckle down and work, I won’t be getting off that easy! Should have known that, but He knows best. I have been honoured and humbled to have been a part of this amazing Weekend. Thank you to the Divisional Leaders, Territorial Leaders, and all Salvationists who have been praying for us these past few days.