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On Friday June 3rd a Spiritual Retreat Day was scheduled for the cadets at St. Benedict’s Conference and Retreat Centre just outside Winnipeg. This was the third time I had had the privilege of being with the cadets on such a wonderful experience. In the past the sun was shining and a great portion of the day was spent walking in silence throughout the beautiful grounds. This year, however, we travelled to St. Benedict’s with ominous clouds following us on our trip.

After a time of worship, we spent time in groups or individually following some points to ponder on the image “Sitting at the Table“. We all knew that the Lord had invited us to sit at the table and take time for communication. What did the Lord want to say to me today? What will be my response?

After lunch there was time for personal reflection, some walked outside in the ‘showers of blessing’ others found sacred spaces in the various rooms that were available for our use.

We began the day with the statement, “I come seeking…” Various responses were given, peace, refuge, restoration, focus, silence of mind etc. Our last session provided an opportunity to share what had been significant for the day. Captain Robert led in the sharing and closed the day with a benediction.


– Posted by: Major Donna Bond (Director of Spiritual Formation)