Spiritual Day | Colonels Mark and Sharon Tillsley

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The purpose of a spiritual day at CFOT, or what is commonly known as an “In Sunday” was clearly captured in the Principal’s opening comments. Major Jamie Braund drew attention to the many times in the Bible when Jesus  encouraged the disciples to get away with him to rest, reflect and experience renewal. That is what an “In Sunday” means for cadets and time spent with our Territorial Leaders. The morning included themes of praise to God and music to lead us along that path. A time of prayer harnessed our thoughts to remember the greatness and faithfulness of God toward all his people.

Oct 27, 2013-In Sunday 011Cadet Bhreagh Rowe led an engaging children’s time that was captivating and a lesson to be remembered for a long time to come! Cadets Rosalyn Toynton and Dae-Gun Kim shared their personal testimonies and, as was the theme, witnessed to God’s faithfulness and the desire to capture the heart of Christ as revealed in the heart of the Army’s founder, William Booth and see the potential in every person to be changed; changed not only inwardly, a change of heart, from circumstantially so that things can be better than where they are. mark tillsley 2

Colonel Tillsley’s message on 1 Corinthians 10:1-13 was a powerful reflection of the negative and damaging impact that grumbling can have and that it is a big deal to allow it to have a place in our lives. Themes of wanting a pure heart and making full surrenders to God proved to be a fantastic way to conclude the morning together.

The evening began with refreshments and photos for the Disciples and Heralds. It was great to have all 31 cadets in the same space to do this, recognizing that two of the cadets are field based and not always able to be with us!

The worship began with spirited singing and “jazzed” music with the songs “Lord Reign in Me”, “Our God” and “Cornerstone”. Cadets Yves Bolduc and Cathy Shears shared personal testimonies, again speaking of God’s faithfulness but both, unknown to one another, shared themes of God the Master-Potter, working his master work into their lives. More singing, followed by a vocal by Cadet Lorenda Dale, led us to the Scripture Reflection by Colonel Sharon Tillsley. Oct 27, 2013-In Sunday 019Her message spoke of the danger of bringing the message of Jesus for selfish motivations and then the powerful experience of the opposite which is going with the current of what God is doing. We were challenged of how we are going to spend our love every day.

The evening concluded with announcements of winter assignments! This is that time when all the cadets are sent across the Canada and Bermuda Territory for an intern in the field and to engage in ministry for two weeks in December.

The day was exciting, moving, life-shaping and God-filled from start to finish! Praise be to God!