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We welcome the month of May with its opportunities for prayer.   This month remember families in your prayers.   Here are some events in May where we may unite in prayer:

May 2 – The Federal ElectionLook to Jesus – maintain a Godward perspective so as not to get pulled into the political sphere where we can become disheartened or intimidated, Psalm 33:14-15 (and remember to vote!).

May 6-7 – The youth and children will be praying for justice –  influence the next generation of prayer partners with your prayers.

May 8 – Mother’s Day – Bless the mothers with your prayers.

May 15 – International Day for Families – This day provides us with the opportunity to intentionally pray for issues relating to families.  Remember to pray for the Christian families.  They are doing a great job raising godly children and are good examples of family life in their communities.

Victoria Day –  May 23 – Observed in some provinces – a day of togetherness.

The Prayer Guide for May

WEEK 1MAY 1-7  – Focus on Personnel Department

  • Pray for officers and their families affected by the annual June move
  • Pray for officers and lay persons on international service
  • Pray that retired officers will discover meaningful ministry
  • Pray for active and retired officers who are ill or recently bereaved

 WEEK 2MAY 8-14 – Focus on Partners in Mission 

  • Pray for stability as Hong Kong and Macau Command, implement new leadership structure
  • Pray for the smooth transition of the new secretary for program, secretary for personnel and secretary for business administration
  • Pray for God’s grace and wisdom for the officers and soldiers as they move forward in unity of purpose

WEEK 3MAY 15-21 – Focus on the Call to the Mercy Seat

  • Gratitude for the biblical significance of the mercy seat as a meeting place between God and his people  
  •  Pray that the spiritual benefits of the mercy seat, will be fully embraced in every ministry centre
  •  Pray for greater appreciation of the concept of the mercy seat as being any place where we meet with God in prayer 
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to prompt us to use the mercy seat to pray for ourselves and others

 WEEK 4MAY 22-28 – Focus on College for Officers Training

  • Pray for the Ambassadors of Holiness Session in preparing for their commissioning and appointments
  • Pray for the Friends of Christ Session as they get ready for their summer assignments
  • Pray for the accepted candidates for the new session, Proclaimers of the Resurrection Session
  • Pray for Salvationists to respond to Holy Spirit’s call to officership

 WEEK 5MAY 29-31 – Focus on the Global Call to 24-7 Prayer

  • Pray for Ministry units and individuals to commit specific times to pray
  • Pray for the divisional prayer coordinators as they give leadership to the prayer ministry
  • Pray for grace to obey God’s call to seek him – Jeremiah 29: 12,13

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