Timmerman Visit to CFOT | Bursary Presentation

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There are moments in our lives when we are given gifts that are rare treasures that do not have a price tag. One of those was the visit of Mr. Jaring Timmerman. Mr. Timmerman was quite engaging. He is approaching his 105th birthday, in just a few weeks away! The occasion of Mr. Timmerman’s visit to CFOT was the gracious presentation of a monetary gift from the Timmerman Bursary. The Timmerman Memorial Fund was established by Jaring and Bessie Timmerman to provide financial assistance for a cadet or cadets from the Prairie Division who have entered The Salvation Army Training College.

The Bursary is awarded upon the recommendation of the Bursary Committee to a deserving cadet/s.

The Bursary is in memory of Mr. Timmerman’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hendrik Timmerman, loyal and faithful Salvationists of the former Winnipeg Citadel Corps.

Cadets Bhreagh and Daniel Rowe, recipients of the Timmerman Bursary, posing with Mr. Jaring Timmerman. Cadet Mark Young was also a recipient of the Bursary.
Cadets Bhreagh and Daniel Rowe, recipients of the Timmerman Bursary, posing with Mr. Jaring Timmerman. Cadet Mark Young was also a recipient of the Bursary but was unable to to be present for the presentation.

Mr. Hendrik Timmerman was born in 1865, the son of a cargo boat owner. With his parents and other members of the family, he attended the State Church but was attracted to The Salvation Army through its Open Air work (“church in the street”) when it began in Holland. After attending a few meetings, the Holy Spirit convicted him of sin and the need of a Saviour. Kneeling at the mercy seat (place of prayer in Salvation Army worship centres designed specifically for this purpose), he witnessed to a personal encounter with God. Hendrik Timmerman would often tell the story how, on his way home from that service, the birds seemed to sing more sweetly, the sky seemed more blue and the trees seemed to dance with joy. He completely lost his desire for the large Meerschaum pipe which had been his constant companion while standing at the helm of the ship hour after hour and to which he was seriously addicted.

His wife, Wiets Hendrina, also became a follower of Jesus during the early years of The Salvation Army’s presence in Holland and often told of the persecution she encountered while marching on the Open Air.

They were married in 1904 and nine years later immigrated to Canada, where they were loyal and stalwart soldiers of The Salvation Army in Winnipeg.

On this lovely occasion, Mr. Jaring Timmerman stood in the classroom with 38 cadets and officers present. He shared his faith story and told us how, as a boy, he and his siblings could not attend The Salvation Army many Sunday nights because the church was so full and overflowing with people that the Officers asked parents to leave the children home! He and his siblings decided they would have their own “service” (a playful, mock version of church), through which Jaring was deeply impacted about his life and relationship with God and as a result, he became a follower of Jesus Christ! Mr. Timmerman reminded us of how profound and far-reaching the influence of God can go in one life! The story of his father’s conversion resulted in generations being influenced in matters of faith because one man heard the gospel through Salvation Army ministry.

The Salvation Army extends its deepest appreciation to the Timmerman family and others like them, who continue to faithfully support the Army’s ministries, in the work of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ for all who would “live life to the full” (Jesus, John 10:10, NIV).