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Cadets Josh & Tina Howard (Proclaimers of the Resurrection session) were assigned to New Liskeard, ON for their Winter Assignment. They share their experience with us.

During a food bank day at Temiskaming Community Church I said “God bless you” to someone as I helped them to their car.  Their reply was “He certainly does!”

While sharing in ministry with many individuals over the course of our Winter Assignment, we had many opportunities to experience and rejoice in God’s blessings.

It’s always a blessing to see a group of children recreate the nativity scene.  Although a child may miss a cue or forget where to stand, their innocent portrayal of the Christmas story holds great marvel and wonder.  Such was the case at Temiskaming Community Church in New Liskeard.  As the children shared their lines and sung their songs around the manger scene, all present received and rejoiced in God’s blessings.

Blessings also shone through in the way that the community came together and cared for one another by way of the Christmas hamper program.  Various individuals and businesses packed hampers with great care and presented them to corps.  This provision by the community was only part of the blessings.  As people received their hampers, the smiles on their faces and their words of appreciation revealed  God’s full blessings.

A great blessing came through various times of worship and reflection on God’s Word.  At several nursing and retirement home services we were blessed through the sharing of Scripture and Christmas carols.  On Christmas Sunday, the corps concluded their walk through The Purpose of Christmas by Rick Warren.  The congregation was presented with a message on the necessity of finding peace with God, discovering the peace of God, and making peace with others.  God’s blessings were made real as people accepted the invitation to seek God’s peace and make peace with others.

Our prayer for others during this Christmas season and into the New Year is that you too may come to know God’s blessings and say with great assurance, “He certainly does!”