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magi-rembrandtIt was one of those rare moments that come upon you when least expected. It was a serendipitous moment of great value. Donna and I had turned off the incessant chatter of the TV and were upstairs making our initial attempts at Christmas preparations. She was in the kitchen baking some favourite Christmas treats from well worn recipes. I was in the living room carefully unpacking the familiar Christmas decorations for display in a prominent and carefully placed destination to create a festive mood. Donna had put on Christmas music as a backdrop to add mood to our seasonal activity.

As I carefully unwrapped decorations and strategically placed them, I was suddenly surprised by a song which began playing on the Christmas CD. It was called, “Jesus the Son of God” as sung by a beautiful soloist and the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. The words go like this:
He came in sweet surrender to a manger here below
He came in love so tender so all the world would know
The Saviour sent from Heaven born that holy night
Jesus our Emmanuel came to give us light.

Jesus the Son of God born to be our Saviour
Jesus the Son of God born to be our Lord

The sweet voice rose and the tune was captivating as my ears began to drink in the sounds. I recognized the beauty of the lyrics, the melody and voice. I am not sure if I actually stopped what I was doing to listen more intently but soon I found I could not resist the power of the words which followed next.

Bow down and worship Him
Worship Him worship Him
Bow down and worship Him
Worship Jesus our Lord

My activity was arrested. I was compelled by some force within and I found myself needing to sit on the sofa with worshiphands uplifted and in my mind the words reverberated, Bow down and worship Him
Worship Him Worship Him

Lord I bow down and worship you
Worship you Worship you.

In those moments, of unhurried rhythm, I experienced what Christmas is all about. As you are swept up in the current of Christmas activity, I would wish you a serendipitous moment of great value. As the shepherds and Magi gathered to worship Him so may you find in the activity of Christmas, a moment of bowing down to worship Him!