Cadet Devin Reid | Building relationships at Southlands

Devin ReidThis year my field placement is at Southlands Community Church.  A highlight for me over the last few months has certainly been in building relationships.  I have been privileged to get to know people in various ways:  as a group of men exercised their bodies and skills playing badminton, and during the meaningful conversations about family, friends, and God on the sidelines; as a group of people joined together to learn about spiritual disciplines, and shared aspects of our spiritual journey over a cup of coffee; as peer cadets and I listened to the Corps Officers share their knowledge of ministry and their dreams for God’s work at Southlands with us; and as the congregation at Southlands gathered each Sunday morning to worship the Lord in song and then still our hearts as the speaker brought forth their message from God’s word.

But above all else, the greatest experience for me has been in getting to know the young people who attend youth group.  I have been inspired by their energy and strong desire to worship and serve Jesus Christ, moved as they shared prayer concerns and then eagerly jumped at the opportunity to pray for each concern raised; humbled as they have shared about themselves with me, and accepted me among them with open arms (I’m not so young anymore!).

So, I have been pleased to participate, serve and contribute at Southlands.  I hope that I have been of meaningful assistance and a blessing to others in ministry, but I count that as less compared to what I have gained in reciprocal relationship as a new member of the community in Christ there.