Cadet Randy Shears | A graceful adjustment

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Randy ShearsOver the last number of months I have had the privilege of attending Heritage Park Temple,    which is temporarily housed at Sturgeon Creek United Church. I have witnessed the graceful adjustment which the corps folk have made to accommodate themselves in their new, temporary surroundings. Probably the most significant change that the corps has had to adjust to is the change in the time of the Sunday service. They had to change from an 11 am service to a 2 pm service. There have been many incidents which have been cause for some comic relief as many people, including myself, have wished people good morning at two in the afternoon. Everyone seemed to take the adjustment in stride.

During my field training I have had a variety of experiences with visitation to the sick and shut-ins, including some in hospital, the hospice, Golden West Senior’s Residence, as well as some in their private homes. Each opportunity was in its own unique way rewarding and encouraging for me. I have also had the opportunity to assist with Kids Club on Thursdays and Ready to Serve on Sundays. I am getting my feet wet when it comes to children’s ministry. I have also had limited opportunities to learn some corps administration and have participated in a couple of the Sunday services. Probably the highlight of my time at Heritage Park Temple was the opportunity to share Christmas dinner for the seniors, at which I received a warm welcome. I have been blessed through my experience at Heritage Park Temple.