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The rhythm of the chapel schedule brings the entire cadet body and staff together every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11:25 to noon.   Community and spiritual life are strengthened and enriched as cadets lead these chapel experiences.  Monday chapels are given to a “This is my story” theme, where cadets share defining moments which have led to them to The Salvation Army College for Officer Training.

The following photographs were taken Monday morning as Cadets Randy and Cathy Shears shared their story.  Cadets Randy and Cathy led songs that helped express their testimonies and heritage as they reflected on their individual lives.   Cadets Randy and Cathy will also take their turns leading a Wednesday sermon chapel.  In their twenty-two month training they will each have at least one opportunity to preach in a Wednesday chapel.  They will also lead a Friday Intercessory prayer chapel – when they are asked to lead the cadets and staff in a season of prayer for a specific theme or subject.  As all thirty-five cadets take their turn leading chapel leadership is developed and lives are blessed.