Applying To Have Cadets

The College for Officer Training relies on our partnerships with corps in The Canada and Bermuda Territory to provide mentoring, coaching, and opportunities to practice ministry skills.  We are seeking corps placements that provide a variety of experiences, and where they have an active role in their community.

We send cadets out of Winnipeg for two winter assignments, which average approximately two weeks each, and a summer assignment, which is eight weeks in duration.  The cost to a corps is the cost of accommodation, local travel, and in the case of summer assignments, the cost of babysitting / childcare where required.  The College for Officert Training pays for travel to and from the appointments, and also provides cadets with a monthly living allowance.

We work in partnership with Divisional Headquarters, who provide recommendations for corps and officers which will provide us with excellent training for cadets.  Any corps interested in having cadets join them for either a winter or summer assignment should contact their Divisional or Area Commander.