Spiritual Formation


The purpose of the Spiritual Formation Program

The Spiritual Formation Program at The College for Officer Training seeks to fulfill several of the aims of training as laid out in The International Orders and Regulations for the Training of Salvation Army Officers:

  • To provide a disciplined Christian environment designed to foster personal growth and  maturity, self-discipline, and acceptance of authority.
  • To provide a program intended to promote the spiritual development of cadets.

What is spiritual formation?

“Spiritual formation is the process whereby we grow in our ability to pay attention, the way we help form what God is doing.  It involves all the ways we are being formed in the image of Christ in our inner life and outer ministry.” (Jon Ackerman, Listening to God: Spiritual Formation in Congregations.  The Alban Institute, 2001.)

The Spiritual Formation Program consists of the following elements:

  • The Spiritual Formation Course. Integral to leadership in the Christian Church is the leader’s own spiritual formation.  This course assists leaders to explore and practice spiritual disciplines which nurture one’s own personal spiritual life, and which honour the ecumenical and historical tradition of the Church.  The course also explores how to integrate biblical values, rhythms, and spiritual practices within the Church, in order to assist in the formation of Christian spiritual communities.  
  • Chapel services three times a week.
  • Spiritual mentoring: cadets are assigned a spiritual mentor,  whom they meet with monthly, to intentionally look at what God is doing in their lives and how they are growing spiritually.
  • Spiritual Days led by the Territorial Commander and the Territorial President for Women’s Ministries and the Chief Secretary and the Secretary for Women’s Ministries.
  • Special Occasions:
  • In order to build up an ecumenical awareness, cadets attend the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity andthe World Day of Prayer Services.
  • Chapel services follow the church year, observing Advent , Christmas, Ash Wednesday, Lent and Holy Week.