Winter And Summer Assignment


While the bulk of field training occurs on a weekly basis with local ministries, cadets are also sent on a two week intensive field training assignment. Cadets are dispatched across Canada and Bermuda to local Salvation Army corps to get experience in the areas of ministry related to The Salvation Army’s winter relief programs. They are exposed to every facet of the community’s assistance to people short on funds and short on friends, including the inner workings of delivering a Christmas Assistance Program, community partnership building, marketing and fund-raising. They take an active role in the life of a local corps and witness first-hand how Salvation Army officers function as an integral part of life in a community.


“An opportunity to cut their teeth” is probably a good characterization of the field placement for summer assignments for the first year cadets. Working in conjunction with Divisional Commanders and Corps Officers, The College for Officer Training develops a placement opportunity for cadets to minister in a community in the Canada and Bermuda Territory. They have opportunities to preach, visit, work in community services and Thrift Stores. Cadets experience all aspects of corps ministry, get first-hand knowledge of the ministry which lies ahead and gain an understanding of the awesome responsibility and privilege God gives for His people to serve. The summer assignment is a very significant formation period as it allows cadets to put into practice all of the classroom instruction and weekly field experience.