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Waiting for the big moment!

Nothing stimulates more excitement and innocent engagement than the hearts of children! The afternoon was light and playful, though the message of God’s love and our place in His masterplan had its place.

A lively song of standing for Jesus was supported with good music and joyful hand-clapping keeping rhythm. While singing, the cadet children marched in, wearing their “Proclaimers” flags, reminding us that they are significant members of the Session alongside their parents. Commissioner Brian Peddle,  Territorial Commander, Canada and Bermuda Territory, made himself available to the children on their level as his 6-foot, 3-inch frame knelt in front of them as they approached him, giving him The Salvation Army salute and received their “Commissioning Certificates”. Conversations of favourite foods and “when I grow up” aspirations proved engaging and received laughter and applause at times!

Friends for life!

Commissioner Rosalie Peddle (Territorial President of Women’s Ministries, Canada and Bermuda Territory) offered a prayer of blessing and led the children in a recited prayer with her. It was obvious Commissioner Rosalie is experienced in these matters and was a fully certified, engaged grandma who knew her way around little toddlers!

There was much joy with the video rendering of “He has made me glad” as celebration ensued as a reminder of God’s goodness and faithfulness and that we have much to celebrate and be glad about!

Everyone enjoyed a collage of images of all the cadet children and babysitters who assist with child-care on a regular basis. The presentation led to laughter and good chatter as families remembered the occasions of the pictures and everyone was keenly interested in the story that was unfolding.

Fully engaged!

Commissioners Peddle were outstanding as they sat on the floor and engaged the children in a message of God’s strength and linked to us, we are made strong and we will not be broken!

Cadet David Hickman presented Commissioner Peddle with a cheque for $8,327 in response to the charge to raise $7,750 for the Partners in Mission (International Missions) Campaign. Cadet Hickman gave praise and glory to God, by whose hand we were able to achieve this collective goal of community and partnership.

Cristian Velasquez (son of Cadets Ricaurte Velasquez and Vilma Ramos) read Philippians 3:7-14 and was engaging as he held everyone’s attention with his clear and articulate presentation. Following his reading, Colonel Mark Tillsley (Chief Secretary, Canada and Bermuda Territory) masterfully presented devotional thoughts on today being Father’s Day and weaving his thoughts into words about discipline, sacrifice and love, pointing us to God’s ultimate love through Christ and how it motivates and inspires us to live in covenanted and called relationship with God.

The fitting music of “Mighty to save” was a great selection to conclude our worship.

Following the worship, we continued our fellowship as we then congregated for cupcakes and refreshments!