Training Partners

The College for Officer Training has wonderful support from the Prairie Division, and places cadets in the five Winnipeg corps, as well as specialling opportunities in surrounding areas. The second year field practicum placements are with:

Heritage Park Temple, Southlands Community Church, Weetamah Corps, Weston Community Church, and Living Hope Community Church (formerly Winnipeg East).

As well as local corps, here is a list of ministries that may be accessed for field placements, and a short synopsis of some of the programs they offer. All of these placements are chosen because they offer good experiences and have leadership in place which will positively impact the cadets’ formation as officers.

Salvation Army Booth Centre
Booth Centre is a residential facility offering shelter and meals to a homeless constituency, and offering residential addictions treatment programs. The placement will be working with the Chaplain, and provides opportunity for spiritual care for those who are at the Booth Centre through midweek chapels, the Free Store, and building relationships with residents.

Community Venture – Salvation Army

This program operates throughout the city, working with people who have an intellectual disability, offering residential style living and positive lifestyle training.

Correctional Services Prison Ministry – Salvation Army

This team provides spiritual care to inmates at local minimum and medium security prisons, and offers programs in Winnipeg, focusing on positive lifestyles. They operate a John School, which is a diversion program for first time offenders.  They also assist those who are arrested for prostitution by giving them rides home during a police sweep through a neighbourhood.

Correctional Services Court Ministry – Salvation Army

This program provides support and referral services for people going through the Manitoba court system, and their families. The placement involves working at the Manitoba Courthouse.

Golden West Centennial Lodge – Salvation Army

Golden West Centennial Lodge is a residential care facility for seniors, and offers a variety of opportunities for pastoral care, programming, and chapels. Cadets will have the opportunity to learn from very gifted leaders about  how to work with seniors and also, how to be a Pastor to people in their care. Cadets will also gain leadership skills by organizing programs for the residents.

Grace Hospital – Winnipeg Regional Health Authority
The Grace Hospital is similar to Golden West Centennial Lodge, but the constituency for this location is people who are ill. The hospital also operates a palliative care facility which offers people who are dying a place to die with dignity. There is a team of Chaplains at the hospital, and cadets will be working with this team to provide spiritual care to a wide variety of people including those who do not profess faith, and those whose faith is different than theirs.

House of Hesed – Parachurch Ministry
This ministry provides transitional housing for people who are living with HIV/AIDS. The ministry offers a secure residence in a Christian environment. It is about a ministry of presence and being available to develop relationships and being available for the residents in the home. Cadets will also work with residents to prepare meals for the house.

Weetamah Ministries Community Outreach – Salvation Army
Weetamah supports families in the community who are struggling financially with limited resources. They also have a Friday night ministry/café for the community, bringing people in for a relaxing evening of worship and fun. The ministry offers a midweek kid’s program where up to 40 children come for Bible teaching, crafts, and games. There is a First Nations emphasis to the ministries as this is the largest constituency in the neighbourhood.