Welcome Weekend Reflection – Cadet Lisa Cole

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Lisa ColeWelcome Weekend was a very uplifting experience. It was very special that the Commissioner took time out of a very busy weekend to come and spend some time with each of us individually. She gave words of encouragement and truth, but most of all she prayed over us.

There were two outstanding God felt moments for me this weekend; the first was right at the end of the Welcome Ceremony during the time when the Messengers of Light, Divisional and Territorial leaders and the congregation laid their hands “on” us and prayed over us. The second moment was when they passed out the prayer cards to the congregation and every person was praying for one of the Joyful Intercessors or the Messengers of Light. The Lord was truly moving in the Church and you could feel it most particularly when we were praying for one another.

The Lord confirmed His calling in my life through the sessional song. A couple of lines really had me thinking about what it means to be a Joyful Intercessor. “There in His presence with His spirit beneath us we will soar!” and “We lift our voices to Him our prayer and praise unceasing.” To me these lines are a great reminder of how God will never ever leave us and we have the undisputable JOY of serving and leading His people.

The most challenging part was when Commissioner McMillan was speaking on Sunday morning.  She was explaining what the word Intercessor meant, not just the definition of the word but the meaning behind it. She was explaining that it is our duty and privilege to intercede on behalf of others with God. Therefore it is our duty and privilege to speak God’s word to his people in ways that are understandable to them. We as Salvation Army Officers are to set an example of Godly living, spiritually, mentally and physically. This really hit home to me, as I am not very confident in my speaking abilities. I worry that I am not saying the right thing to the right person; I have been challenged by God to place my full trust in the words he has given me to speak to His people. I have also been challenged to really find the joy in everything I do, because everything I do is for Him and his kingdom.

Cadet Lisa Cole is a part of the Joyful Intercessors session (2015-2017).