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Cadets Colleen & Justin Gleadall (Proclaimers of the Resurrection session) were assigned to Saskatoon, SK for their Winter Assignment. They share their experience with us.

Little did we know when being told by the Field Department at CFOT that we would be spending our winter assignment in Saskatoon that we would have such an adventure waiting for us.  An adventure that began with what we are told was a “typical prairie” drive in the winter from Winnipeg to Regina that in reality was like driving in a snow globe.  After a night in Regina we finally made our way to Saskatoon where we were instantly thrown into ministry within the city.  Travelling around to try to take in all that The Salvation Army in Saskatoon had going on from corps programming, to hamper packing, to a high school breakfast program and everything in between.  We were blessed to have been under the leadership of Majors Don Law, Dorothy Munday, Nancy Virtue, and Malba & David Holliday.  A group of officers with a variety of backgrounds, skill sets and positions within the city who taught us the ins and outs of running a corps, major centre and even the power of art in our lives.  An experience that was one of a kind, with much learning done in practical and experiential levels.  However when thinking back what sticks out most to us is the lessons learned on the importance of balance.  Balance in ministry; never taking too much on ourselves, empowering those who God has called to share ministry with us. Helping others to see the skills they possess and finding opportunities where those skills can be maximized for the advancement of God’s kingdom.  Just as importantly we were reminded of the need to find balance in our lives.  Making sure to look after ourselves in order to be most effective in the ministry that God has called us to.   Leaving work at work as much as possible, finding those pockets of time to be with God, and in taking time for family.  Realizing that the calling we have is not only as officers in The Salvation Army but as parents and spouses.  All of these lessons seemed to become more real as we were faced with the reality of being hours away with a very ill child, our youngest son Payton, at home.  We needed to choose between the roles of cadet and parent.  It was in making the decision that we thought was best, to come home early, that we saw the amazing spirit, support and compassion of the people of Saskatoon (as well as the staff of CFOT).  Putting the words that had been shared with us throughout our training at CFOT and in the field into practice in supporting us in this decision and even teaching us one final lesson.  That in ministry, as in life, unexpected things occur so it is good to plan ahead because you never know what might happen from Sunday to Sunday.  We were blessed to have gone to Saskatoon because while it was only for a few days they were days that will continue to shape our ministry for years to come.