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Cadets Dae-Gun Kim & Aejin Jeong (Disciples of the Cross session) were assigned to Brantford, ON for their Winter Assignment. They share their experience with us.

During our winter assignment at Wynfield Community Church in Brantford, we were welcomed and loved very much by Majors Guy and Donna Simms, the staff, and the church family. It was easy for us to adapt to being part of the staff and church family.  From our first day in Brantford, we felt like we were at our home corps.

Spending 12 days in Brantford was a great opportunity for us to experience God’s ministry in a variety of ways, such as senior home visitations, hospital visitations, funerals, standing at kettles, helping to hand out gifts to clients at Booth Centre, and corps business. The wonderful hamper day made a great impact on us, one that we had never experienced before. The Salvation Army’s toys appeal made Christmas special for kids and their parents. It’s such a heart-warming sight to see their smiles and the tears on their faces.

We also learned how the Army operates as the community church through funerals, baby dedications, and so on. It was very impressive for us to see that the Salvation Army Wynfield Community Corps acts as the community church in Brantford. For instance, in the business of the Christmas season, there were five funerals in two weeks. However, the Army Church held funeral services for people even though he/she was not a member of the Church.

Through Major Guy and Donna, we have learned how to be a good corps officer not only in the corps, but in the community. With compassion, love and kindness of Jesus Christ, they served people as their community pastors. We are grateful to learn that this is why people see the Army as a community church. Our experience in Brantford has really made us proud to be future officers of The Salvation Army.