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Cadets Daniel & Bhreagh Rowe (Disciples of the Cross session) were assigned to Comox, BC for their Winter Assignment. They share their experience with us.

Finding out where we were going for our Winter Assignment was both joyful and terrifying at the same time. I remember looking at Bhreagh and saying, “Did they say that correctly?” Yes, I did hear it correctly. After finishing our first semester at the College for Officer Training, Bhreagh and myself had the amazing opportunity to go to the Comox Valley Community Church and Ministries for our Winter Assignment. After living in Victoria, British Columbia for two years, I had no idea what to expect. We were very excited when we arrived to a smiling fellow Cadet, Darryl Burry who would be, with his wife Kim, our Field Supervisors.

We experienced opportunities to minister to seniors through the Community Care Ministries, visiting and getting a glimpse into Comox’s three Salvation Army Thrift Stores, getting the “low down” on Christmas Kettles, and helping people through the Christmas Hamper Program. Both of us also shared the Word of the Lord the two Sundays we were there. However, we did miss Winnipeg, but a part of Winnipeg came with us because we had snow in Comox the whole time we were there! It really did look like Christmas.

We would like to say a special thank you to Cadets Darryl and Kim Burry for being amazing and supportive Field Supervisors and a big thank you to the staff and volunteers of the Comox Valley Ministries. Our prayer is that you will continue to serve the Lord in the ways you have been doing, share our mission by living it out in the community and proclaim the Lord`s favour to every last human being by granting them the dignity that comes from Jesus Christ.